Auction items will be invoiced once sale ends and you have 48 hours to pay your invoices online. In-store pick up in Haslet TX is allowed but payments must be made online before you show up. Auction style is "POPCORN" In the last 2 minutes if an item receives a bid then the timer will reset +2 minutes. Make sure you refresh the page repeatedly to stay up to date for the current bid times and prices.  

All items won can now be combined into one invoice for payment. Once the auctions have ended go to your account menu. In the top left corner there is a button that says "view my bids" click on that and it brings you to your auction menu that shows current bidding on products, winning products, and losing products. Click winning products, select all, then pay. 

When checking out the default shipping rate will show combined shipping at $0. You must pay shipping on one of your orders so that we can ship out your order. If shipping is not paid then your order will be on hold till shipping is paid. Rates are $39.00 to the lower 48 states and $29.00 to the state of Texas. 

*If you win an auction you must pay for that auction

*All auctions must be paid in 48 hours, if you need additional time please contact us.

*Please pay for your items you win because it hurts the business if you do not pay for them when someone else could have. Repeated offenders will be banned from the platform. 

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