Red Starfish PR-100 Media Reactor

Red Starfish PR-100 Media Reactor

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- Great for activated carbon, GFO, biological media, CO2 absorbent media & more
- Full acrylic construction
- Small footprint for easy installation
- Heavy-duty inlet & outlet adapters
- Large capacity

The new Red Starfish PR-series is a must-have for any saltwater or reef aquarium. It allows you to efficiently run activated carbon, GFO, biological media or almost any other filter media of your choice.

Conical base design disperses water evenly through the reactor to minimize channeling or uneven water flow. This allows the filter media to work as efficiently as possible.

Quality full-acrylic construction with heavy-duty inlet and outlet barbs ensures that the PR Reactor can withstand frequent servicing and is durable. Thumb screws allows for easy cleaning and quick filter media replacement.

Specifications (PR-10)
- Aquarium capacity – up to 150 gallons
- Maximum Water Flow – 250 GPH
- Diameter – 4”
- Footprint (excluding hang-on bracket) – 5.6” x 5.6”
- Height – 18.5”

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