Sparkly Pro Algae Pad 2-in-1, 2pk

Sparkly Pro Algae Pad 2-in-1, 2pk

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- Large cleaning area
- Sponge size: 4.5″ x 3″ x 1.5″
- One scouring pad side, one melamine sponge side
- Chemically Inert Melamine Foam and components
- Safe for Glass and Acrylic
- No Soaps, Detergents, or Antibacterial agents
- Effectively Removes Algae From hard to reach corners and curves
- Thick, Durable, and Long lasting
- 2 sponges per package

Hydra Aquatics’ Sparkly Sponge Pro 2-in-1 has a high density outer melamine sponge with dimples with a fine soft white scouring pad combined with the inner absorbent sponge core. This makes it a more durable sponge than similar sponges on the market. These sponges are non-scratching algae pads safe for glass & acrylic. The melamine foam uses micro abrasive technology and does an amazing job of removing algae. Even somewhat tougher deposits along the sides or in scratches of aquariums can be removed.

Because of the soft foam structure design, these sponges are ideal for getting into corners, little crevices, and shallow scratches that regular pads might not reach. They are chemically inert and safe unlike common foam cleaner pads from department stores. The white color contrasts against dark algae making it easier to see when areas are fully clean.

Custom Made to Hydra Aquatics’ specifications to be a step up from the competition.

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