Red Star Fish RS-N230+ DC Protein Skimmer

Red Star Fish RS-N230+ DC Protein Skimmer

The new Red Starfish RS-N+ and RS-C+ skimmers offer all the great features and performance of great skimmers at incredible values!

- Controllable DC pump, safe low voltage, silent
- Innovative diffusers that enhances water and air mixing
- Wine-bottle shaped body to maximize efficiency
- Pipeless & Compact outlet design minimizes footprint
- Custom needlewheel improves performance
- Crossed drainage design on collection cup to smoothen skimmate transition

RS-N130+: for aquariums 60 (high-bioload) to 150 (low-bioload)
RS-N170+: for aquariums 90 (high-bioload) to 200 (low-bioload)
RS-N230+: for aquariums 140 (high-bioload) to 300 (low-bioload)
RS-C7+: for aquariums 250 (high-bioload) to 500 (low-bioload)
RS-C9+: for aquariums 400 (high-bioload) to 750 (low-bioload)

Performance & Control
At the heart of the skimmer is a Red Starfish DC controllable pump. The pump operates at a low, safe, voltage of 24V and is super silent. The controller allows you to dial in the performance of the pump to meet the exacting demands of your aquarium. The custom needlewheel helps to chop up the air into super-fine air bubbles and thoroughly mixes these fine air bubbles with dirty aquarium water.

Efficient Design
The air and water mixture then travels through Red Starfish’s proprietary diffusers. These unique diffusers help the water to be more linear and minimizes turbulence inside the skimmer for increased performance.

Fine air bubbles, carrying dirty protein, then travels up the smooth wine-shaped skimmer body and spills in the collection up. The crossed drainage lid design helps to guide the skimmate efficiently into the collection cup.

Compact / Space-Saving
The RS-N+ and RS-C+ skimmers both feature a pipeless outlet design. The foot-prints are drastically reduced; which allows hobbyists to easily fit Red Starfish skimmers into most sumps.

Specifications (RS-N130+)
Bioload: 60 (high-bioload) to 150 (low-bioload)
Pump: HP-1500
Power: 24V, 20W
Footprint: 7.9” x 7.5”
Height: 19.1”
Water Level: 7.5”-10”
Warranty: 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Specifications (RS-N170+)
Bioload: 90 (high-bioload) to 200 (low-bioload)
Pump: HP-2500
Power: 24V, 25W
Footprint: 9.1” x 8.3”
Height: 20.1”
Water Level: 7.5”-10”
Warranty: 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Specifications (RS-N230+)
Bioload: 140 (high-bioload) to 300 (low-bioload)
Pump: HP-4000
Power: 24V, 35W
Footprint: 11.3” x 10.3”
Height: 23.7”
Water Level: 7.5”-10”
Warranty: 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Specifications (RS-C7+)
Bioload: 250 (high-bioload) to 500 (low-bioload)
Pump: HP-6000
Power: 24V, 45W
Footprint: 12.6” x 13.4”
Height: 24.1”
Water Level: 8”-10”
Warranty: 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Specifications (RS-C9+)
Bioload: 400 (high-bioload) to 750 (low-bioload)
Pump: HP-8000
Power: 24V, 70W
Footprint: 15.8” x 13.8”
Height: 26”
Water Level: 8”-10”
Warranty: 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Red Starfish Company Info

Red Starfish has specialized in high-quality yet affordable protein skimmers and other filtration equipment since 2006. From nano skimmers to large commercial-sized protein skimmers, Red Starfish offers great skimmer and filtration options for aquariums of just about any size. Red Starfish commercial skimmers are currently used in more than 60 public aquariums and fish farms. Their popular product line can also be found in more than 20 countries worldwide: including, Germany, Japan, Australia and now the USA.

All Red Starfish Protein Skimmers utilize controllable DC Pumps. Not only are DC pumps quieter and more energy efficient, the lower wattage also makes them much safer in and around aquariums. 

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